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We would love to hear from you! If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact us today. Please read our testimonials below and see what our cutomers think about NW Aviation Medicine.

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Dr. Keith Lemmon
Reviews 1

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We would love to hear from you! If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact us today. Please read our testimonials below and see what our cutomers think about NW Aviation Medicine.


Great experience getting first class medical. Nice clean office and very reasonable price for a first class medical. So happy to have access to an AME on the field at KTIW. Fast, professional, and courteous, highly recommend Dr. Lemmon for your aviation medical needs! Definitely coming back for future needs.

Blade Runner


Dr Lemmon is personable, professional and very knowledgeable. He took good care of my exam as well as the details of my special issuance with great attention and skill. I will be back!

Mark Bickford


Appointment was easy to make, wait time was zero and Dr. Lemmon was easy to work with as well as thorough in the details of the exam requirements. It was my first experience doing Basic Med and it was a breeze.

Bruce Hinds


Went to visit Dr. Lemmon for my annual first class medical (Captain at Horizon Air). Sign up process was online and easy. Was able to pick the time and date that worked the best for my schedule. Got confirmation via email and text message including directions to clinic which is located on the airfield, which is a big plus for any AVGeek.

The exam was low-stress, professional and comfortable down to the EKG. Dr. Lemmon was welcoming and kind. Will definitely return here for my next exam.

Hadrien Leblond


I recently visited Northwest Aviation Medicine for my FAA First Class Medical Certificate. Dr. Lemmon and his assistant were very welcoming, professional, and accommodating. The office has an inviting atmosphere and the view of the runway is hard to beat for any aviation geek! I’ll definitely be back and look forward to dealing with Dr. Lemmon on future visits.


Clean, communicative, and pleasant to work with. Highly recommended if you’re in the area. Located right on the airport so you can fly in also!
Dustin Izatt


I recently relocated and was in need of updating my class 1 physical for work (FO/airlines). Dr Lemmon and his staff responded quickly and were professional throughout the entire process. The telemedicine option for discussing any issues prior to the in office physical saved time and made the visit seamless in comparison to Aviation Medical Examiners I’ve visited in the past. If you’re looking for a professional AME that is meticulous and attentive to your situation then I highly recommend Northwest Aviation Medicine.
Jeremy Carman


I highly recommend Dr. Lemmon at Northwest Aviation Medicine. He is an outstanding, caring doctor, and has a very nice aviation medical practice at the Tacoma Narrows Airport. I will see him again in the future for all my FAA medicals.

Jack Tasker


Went in for a class 1 today and I was very impressed by the professionalism and care I received. Keith has a wonderful operation going on here and look forward to using him in the future.

Courtney Clausi


I was looking for a medical check and it was more difficult to find an FAA examiner than I expected. I found Dr. Lemmon and he was extremely easy to work with as he explained in detail how to get to his location. The office was very clean and he was able to get me in and out quickly. I would recommend anyone in the area needing an aviation physical to choose Dr. Lemmon!

Blake Rossman


I’m new to the area and when I was looking for an AME, most of the ones I came across do it as a side business in their otherwise busy medical practice. That’s not the case with Northwest Aviation Medicine. Dr. Lemmon has a practice dedicated to pilots and their medical needs. He accommodated my schedule and got me in with no waiting.
I’ve been flying for over 45 years and that means I’ve had a lot of flight physicals. I can honestly say Dr. Lemmon has broken the code on how to make getting a physical a pleasant and enjoyable experience! He truly cares about providing a stress free experience in a comfortable atmosphere. In fact, it felt more like I was in a pilot lounge than a doctors office! His newly established office is located right on the flight line at the Tacoma Narrows airport and is conveniently located, whether you choose to drive or fly in.
He’s not only an experienced doctor, he’s a pilot who loves aviation and that is a great combination to have when it’s time to get your medical. I can highly recommend him to anyone who needs an FAA flight physical. He even does Basic Med physicals if that’s the route you want (or need) to take. Would you rather go to a medical center or the airport for your physical? Personally, the answer to that question is a no brainer.

Jeff Dunaway

I recently needed to renew my medical and called on Northwest Aviation Medicine and Dr. Keith Lemmon. I had an excellent experience and would highly recommend the practice!

The entire process was handled in an extremely professional and efficient manner. I was able to make an appointment online from their website. Upon arrival at the office, I was seen immediately and walked out with a new medical less than an hour later! Dr. Lemmon is very easy to talk to and is generally interested in you as a person.

Best of all Northwest Aviation Medicine is in a brand-new office located just off the taxiway at Tacoma Narrows Airport. This makes it super convenient for those from the Greater Seattle area who want to fly in for their visit.

Thanks Dr. Lemmon for making my medical renewal a much easier and more enjoyable experience! I’ll be back!!

Don Phillips


I highly recommend Dr. Keith Lemmon for your next Aviation Medical. I needed a Second Class Medical ASAP and I was calling all around. Either the doctors were booked up, unavailable, or no longer practicing.

I talked with Dr. Lemmon directly and he helped me make an appointment for after my work. I showed up to an impressive new office, did the exam, and had a good chat.

Many doctors show up late, get annoyed when you ask questions, and are not very personable. Dr. Lemmon is the total opposite. Super nice and professional guy!

If you are looking to get your aviation medical, call Dr. Lemmon with Northwest Aviation Medicine. Why do I say this? Because I needed my medical fast and was getting nowhere after many many phone calls, but he made it happen!

Thank you Dr. Lemmon!

Jeremy Sarah Lakenes


Dr Lemmon was recommended to me by my current AME who is retiring. Dr Lemmon was very professional and friendly. He was also flexible with my schedule meeting me at his examination office after normal business hours. Located at Tacoma Narrows airport is also handy if you fly in. I’ll continue with Dr Lemmon for my 2nd class medicals and I highly recommend his services.

Perry Cook