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Dr. Keith Lemmon
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Meet Dr. Keith Lemmon

Dr. Keith Lemmon recently retired as a Colonel from the United States Army after 22 years of active duty. He is a private pilot with around 300 hours and an instrument rating. Keith is working on his commercial rating at the Tacoma Narrows Airfield where he has set up the South Sound’s newest aviation medicine enterprise. It has long been a dream of his to combine medicine and aviation into the world’s best job!!!

Aviation Medical Consultation

If you have developed a new medical condition since your last certification, we can discuss your concerns confidentially prior to your next exam. Once you are ready to disclose new (or previously existing) medical conditions, we can formulate a strategy to get the assessments, consultations, and treatments you may need. We can also assist in making expedited communications with the regional and Oklahoma City FAA offices to get your medical issues resolved and get you back in the air as quickly as possible. 

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Our Services

  • N1st Class Aviation Medical Exam Certification
  • NEKG and Audiometer Hearing Testing as Needed
  • N2nd and 3rd Class Aviation Medical Exam Certification
  • NCACI (Conditions AME Can Issue) such as Hypertension/ Hypothyroidism/ Asthma/ Migraine/ etc
  • NAASI (AME Assisted Special Issuance) such as Kidney Stones/ Sleep Apnea/ Type II Diabetes/ etc
  • NBasic Med Exam
  • KBasic Med Exam Instructions
  • NAviation Medical Consultation
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Aviation Medicine Fees

1st Class Exams
2nd and 3rd Class Exams
CACI (Conditions AME Can Issue)
AASI (AME Assisted Special Issuance)
Basic Med
Aviation Medical Consultation

*Payment methods: we accept cash, checks and most major credit cards.

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Pre-Participation Exam

Dr. Lemmon became a Pediatrician in 2001 and an Adolescent Medicine Subspecialist in 2007. He is certified by the American Board of Pediatrics in both of these specialties. If your teen or young adult child is in need of a pre-participation exam, these can be done on site at our office on the Tacoma Narrows airfield. Be sure to bring in the form you need to have signed by the doctor with all of your demographic and health information filled in on the day of your visit.